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Hey there, I dont know how you got here, but as long as you're here, stay awhile and check out my sprite comics.


New tournament comic uploaded

Added a new Tournament comic. I tried to make this one really good because there has been such a huge wait in between update periods. Look for a new comic tommorrow!

Good news everyone! I am back! Updates will resume shortly! Expect a new comic within a couple of days!

I am now on an indeffinite, hiatus. Sorry guys. =(

Hey, an update! Wow! Well now that I have been fired from my job there should be more updates than there have been as of late. Today's update was for the celebration of the results for Round 1 of the Tournamnet. 

It's been 4 days since an update, that sucks. But I have been very busy. I uploaded a new tournament comic. Round one is now over. I hope you are all enjoying it.

I uploaded 2 new comics for the tournament. I especially like the Bass VS Donkey Kong. I think it's pretty damn original. Anyway, I also strongly encourage everyone to check out the new section called "The Freshmaker." Be sure to have your sound on if you do!


I wanted to put this up yesterday but the site was giving me problems. I added a new section called The Freshmaker. They are hand drawn and I worked hard on the drawings, I hope you all like it. Oh, and be sure to turn up the sound so you can hear the music. =)

Special thanks to a fan named ch0psticks who emailed me pointing out a flaw in the Samus VS Megaman comic. The error has been corrected. Unfortuantly I was unable to respond to him because my yahoo email servie kept telling me there were errors delivering a response message. I respond to every email I recieve from people who read my comics, and Im sorry I would not respond. Hopw you read this ch0psticks... your fandom does not go unappreciated!

I got something planned for tommorrow, not exactly a comic, but it should be funny.

Time Stalkers has been updated. Now the plot really starts to develop... well to be honest, it's not much of a plot at all... but here is where it starts to really begin. Check out my hand drawn comics as well, the link to them is in the links area of the site.
Addendum: I got bored and decided to make the next comic of Time Stalkers today as well... so it's up now.
Addendum 2: Damn... I'm REALLY bored. I made another Time Stalkers comic and uploaded it. This seems like a good day for Time Stalkers fans.

I added another page for the tournament comics because the first page had been filed up. Told ya this site wasn't dead, however, the Time Stalkers series has been put on hold until the Tournament has been completed... but do not fret... it will be completed... just not yet. Heh... not that anyone actually reads these comics. So here's a request for anyone who DOES read this page to email me and tell me what you think!

Here are some of my hand drawn comics as well, if you're into that kind of thing:

See, I told you this site would still get some action. I have uploaded the next round for the tournament comics. I also added a links page to my other comic, site, and my friends comic. 

Be sure to check out my hand drawn comics over here:

Okay, here is the deal, I have not updated in awhile because I am busy with my other webcomic. Yes, I have another webcomic, and this time it is hand-drawn, not just sprites. I know no one will read this anyway (no one really reads these comics... not to my knowledge anyway) but just in case someone does read this... here is the link to my new webcomic. If you do read it, be sure to leave me a comment (there's an input field at the bottom for easy comment uploads).

If anyone actually does care about these sprite comics, don't worry, I will begin updates again. However, they will not be as frequent.

I uploaded a picture to the "Extra" section.

I have added another round in the tournament comics. I was also going to add another comic for Time Stalkers, but I was to busy today. Expect one tommorrow.

HOLY FUCK!!! A UPDATE!!! Actually my friend Nicky reminded me this page still exists. I had totally forgotten about it, thus the super long no update period. But Now that I have remembered about it look out for constant updates. But for right now I have added a new Time Stalkers comic and another round to the video game Tournament.

I added a whole new page. It's the "Extra Comics" area. From time to time I shall post some various comics in there. Check it out because I added a special Halloween comic in there. This one is a bit more personal to me because this was my very last year of trick or treating. It's a real shame, and I'm gonna miss it alot. You may not get some of the jokes either, but you had to be there. Like I said, this is more or a personal comic than anything else... but who knows... you may get some enjoyment out of it.

I changed Quest Of Red Mage #34. I also added a new Time Stalkers. Also the battle between Samus and Megaman has been posted up.

Well page 1 of Time Stalkers is now completed, and page two has been added. Only one comic is currently in page two. I'm currently working on a new comic series that will run at the same time as Time Stalkers. Two times the fun? Maybe... unless you're not a fan of my comics.
Addendum: I decided to add the new series today. The first comic of "The First Annual Video Game Tournament" is now up. Enjoy.

I decided to add a news thingy today. So look for it from now on. the only new news today is that I uploaded 3 new comics to the Time stalkers series. Enjoy!


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And please let me know what you think at, and be honest, trust me, I can take it!
I mean, really, Im BEGGING you here, please let me know what you think!

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